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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  August 21, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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heard geraldo a little help? >> i just really rely on the generosity of others. >> they have the most deep seeded sense of entitlement i have ever come across. >> john: has america become a nation of free loaders? this free loading is just small-time. there is bigger money in getting government to help you free load. >> they need to start writing checks. >> so congress will now give $50,000 to any black american who says he attempted to farm.
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>> attempted to farm can mean anything the foreclosure crisis. we're told banks are the bad guys. took homes from innocents. but this woman hasn't paid her mortgage for 25 years. she says she doesn't have to. and these guy's web site encourages people not to pay. >> sounds like a scam but this is true. >> it's not a scam at all. it's completely legal. >> you guys are disgusting. you are helping people free load. >> politicians love doing that. >> you can help your girlfriend. can you help your girlfriend's momma. >> and everyone will applaud you because. >> everybody thinks the government owes them something. >> some american indians are rich. but others stay poor. feeding off government. >> socialists like you have convinced them to do that. >> i'm a socialist now. if i were a socialist -- if i'm a socialist, what does that make you? >> i thought i was a capitalist. but i'm a free loader too. you helped me pay for my beach
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house. bon jovi, ted turner, bruce springsteen and ceos like jeffrey immelt are free loaders too. we will call them on it. >> you are a free loader. >> america. >> a nation of free loaders captions by closed captioning services . >> in cities you often see people like this guy. desperate-looking people often holding signs like this one. it's natural to want to help people like this man or this woman. begging by a road in salt lake city. her sign says she is stranded in need of help. trying to get home. one drivers stop. she tells them. >> i'm from seattle. i came down here to live with my boyfriend and he ended up kicking me out a week before christmas. >> you got nothing then? >> no. just my backpack. >> she tells this reporter from kutv she is 1,000 miles from home. >> it's hard to easement it's hard to have a place to stay. >> but then the cameraman quietly followed her and found she actually lives just two
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blocks away in this house. in the morning, she goes shopping with a nice coat and purse. and then in the afternoon, she changed clothes, walked two blocks to the highway off ramp and took out her sign. people gave her money. >> about 3 bucks. $5. >> doing the math, shows she made more than 50 bucks an hour. >> i just felt sorry for her. a girl out there like that. >> i gave her a couple dollars. >> she lives in a house. what do you think about that? >> that is crazy. i live in a trailer. [ laughter ] >> dude, people pull over. i don't say anything to anybody. i hold this sign. i don't make anybody give me money. >> it is true that she doesn't make anyone give her money. but lots of people want to help those who seem to be in need. >> i got it. >> but lots of america's beggars are not needy. just free loaders who found a good react. when i first reported on free loading, i wondered would these people holding will work for food signs really work for food.
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>> i just can't work for him anybody. >> would you flip burgers at burger king. >> i wouldn't do it. it's monotonous drug. >> maybe construction. >> i couldn't do it, my back. >> he says he will do janitorial work. >> i will do it. >> will he do it five days a week. >> that i can't do. why should i. why does a human have to work every day if he don't want to. >> i have lawn work. >> do you? do you have some right now. >> i offered jobs to a dozen people who said they would work for food. awful 12 said they would come but only this man did. he did the work we paid him 20 bucks. he might have made more money begging. >> there have been estimates that earning $100 a day panhandling is easy. >> write for city journal magazine will you are urban policy. beggars today are hustlers. >> there must be some that are genuinely mentally ill desperate people. >> every city has food kitchens galore.
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the reason people are on these streets asking for change is overwhelmingly drugs and alcohol. >> homeless, you know. it was just annual easy way to get money. >> general buster used to make a living panhandling. >> on the best day, maybe about $150. >> did he have trouble finding a job. >> i didn't look for no job. that was my job. [ laughter ] >> john: panhandling as a job is common in some places. here in san francisco, packs of young healthy kids beg for spare change. >> got to eat and drink. >> interviewed some of the kids. >> wake up in the morning. start drinking. go to bed. do it again. pretty much it. [ laughter ] >> they have the most deep seeded sense of entitlement that i have ever come across. >> want to be able to sit where we want to. >> this is our home, man. no one is going to make us leave. >> punishing homeless people for
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being homeless which when insufficient space is unavailable. >> advocates say government should solve this problem by spending more on social services, shelters, subsidies for affordable housing. jobs programs. >> this is a solution that is utterly irrelevant to these kids because they are not planning on settling down. they don't want housing. >> really rely on the generosity of others and there is some very generous people. >> john: there sure are. >> thank you so much, sir. >> this beggar collected $8 in less than an hour. >> past minimum wage. will you help me, ma'am? >> that's me with the beard. >> thank you. >> since people wouldn't give john stossel money, i hired this makeup artist to transform me into a beggar. she glued a beard to my face and i put on some old clothing. >> are you ready to free load? it's the new john stossel. >> i hit the streets and started begging. i didn't want to get in anyone's face so i didn't beg
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aggressively. most of the time i just sat on the sidewalk. at first i tried the basic homeless and cold, anything will help sign. >> little help. >> it worked. >> a little bit? >> this woman gave me food. >> oh, thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> food. >> i even got offered a cigarette. >> cigarette? >> no, thank you. >> this man gave me some change and a job offer. >> if you are looking for a little work, i need somebody to hand out fliers. if you are around i will see you tomorrow. >> here? >> give you some work. >> thank you. >> after half an hour, i switched to this sign. >> can i get a beer? i had seen beggars trying this more honest or you might say funny approach. i didn't think anyone would give this guy money but i was wrong. >> thank you. >> i'm a beer drinker myself. >> yeah, thank you. >> i made just as much money with my beer sign as did i with my cold and homeless sign. some people wanted to take my picture.
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>> that's funny as hell, can i have a picture with you. >> sure. >> my girlfriends will think that's too cute. i will buy you a beer. >> there you go. >> did you get it. >> jenny is going to crack up. >> caught up with the people who gave money. gave them their money back and asked them why did you give? >> kind of cold out. i'm cold myself. i'm thinking about his situation. >> i don't know. that guy looked pretty needy, i suppose. >> i just begged for an hour but i did well. if i did this for an eight hour day i would have made 90 bucks. 23,000 for a year. tax-free. >> john: that easy money is why cities are filled with pan handlers. >> individuals respond to incentive. if that incentive includes giving them money for no work there will be more of them doing that. >> the people who give. >> they are doing a very bad thing. they are merely perpetuating somebody's misery. as long as they can stay on the streets, getting money for drugs and alcohol, they are going to. and they are enable ago very
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self-destructing right style. >> you are right winger who's are not compassionate. some of these kids, adults must be in need some are the proper solution for that is not to keep enabling a lifestyle. >> just walk right by. ignore them. >> yes. >> that's the advice city agencies give. give real change to the homeless. call us. we will send outreach team to help. >> give to charities. don't give to people. it doesn't get through. >> a few cities, this is athens, georgia try to get through to people by installing fake parking meters. they call them homeless meters. >> on the parking meters it says don't give to the pan handler. if you feel a need for compassion, put it in here, we will make sure it goes to people who really need the money and, the money is used in the right way. >> resources do exist to help the truly needy. food kitchens are plentiful. one charity i like is the dough
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fund. they helped john buster put panhandling behind him. instead of giving handouts they retrain people to take responsibility for their lives. >> though don't allow to you give food stamps or anything. they want you to be independent. >> they gave john room and board and paid him to clean streets. now he supervises others. go out there and make your own money. get your self-esteem back. >> happiness comes from productive work. not free loading. but at least beggars don't force anyone to give them money. other free loaders do. >> corporations and politicians do that. some lawyers do that. >> isn't free loading fun? i bet i could make even more money if i got a law degree. then i could start suing businesses. >> for you taxpayers that's made this man millions. these next. have i got a surprise for you! [ barks ]
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>> wire back with more on free loaders. do you remember the shirley sherrod scandal? >> ms. sherri rod must resign immediately. the federal government cannot have skin color deciding any assistance. >> the video of sherrod suggested that the agriculture loan officer refused to help a farmer because he was white. she quit. >> obama official resigned just a short time ago. >> but then we now know that video was edited to take what she said and twist it. >> i owe ms. sherrod an polling. >> john: lost in the hype about shirley sherrod was a much bigger story. one that's eating billions of your tax dollars. >> what do we want? >> tax. >> these protest hers brought tractors and horses to washington. claiming that the agriculture department loan officers did the opposite of what sherrod was falsely accused of. they favored whites. this lawyer claims the department is racist.
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>> if john stossel goes back to wherever he might have grown up and you decide to farm and you go in to get a loan, you are going to do pretty well. you are a white man. but if you snent a neighbor of yours that happened to be a black man to your local economy you are not going to do well. >> because they are all racist? >> pretty much. >> he sued the government on behalf of black farmers. the government issued a grabbling apology. >> we are requiring full civil rights training for all of our employees starting from knee down. >> and the united states agreed to pay $50,000 to any black farmer who could show that the department discriminated against him. people in congress said things like. >> they need to start writing checks today. snrted government is writing billions in checks. but farmer jimmy says it's a scam. because lawyers told people anyone can qualify for $50,000. >> people say well, how do i
2:16 am
qualify? then they started talking about the potted plants. they said if you had a potted plant, you are a farmer. if you have a yard and you fertilize your yard you are a farmer. >> showed us a list of people who got money. >> this one is not a farmer. this one is not a farmer. and then you go on and on on these pages. this one, this one, this one. not farmers. >> we called and left messages for the people on the list, but no one responded this was discriminated against and he collected $50,000. but then he noticed what he calls the fraud since the government had few records, it settled the lawsuit by agreeing to write checks to people who just said they had attempted to farm. >> attempted to farm could mean anything, you know. my little 3-year-old grandson could attempt it how could you lose. >> once hired this lawyer, made
2:17 am
money by filing thousands of $50,000 claims. >> the termination agreement. >> cross says he only learned about the fraud after the claims were paid. people would come up to him and say. >> lawyer, you know, john, never farmed in his life. his daddy never farmed. when i went back and looked at it, it was true. so more than a billion dollars was given out to 15,000 farmers and attempted farmers. so many claimed they were farmers that recently congress approved another billion dollars plus for more claims. this farmer who didn't want to appear on camera showed us a building where many people who said they attempted to farm filled out claims. >> [inaudible] made it possible for them to be eble jingle bell by coming in and saying if you attempted to farm that you are eligible. >> al pires.
2:18 am
he is the lawyer to helped win that big settlement. >> how many have you helped file claims. >> thousands and thousands. >> how do you know they are farmers? >> well -- they fill out the forms and we hope they are telling the truth. >> you don't think this is just an opportunity to free load? to cheat? >> although there are some people who cheat, most people are very honest. they are afraid to cheat if they are filling out a federal form. it's not quite what you think. >> given culture of entitlement. some don't even view as getting checks as cheating. all black people deserve reparation. >> if you are african-american you are due folk have already been cheated. just collecting what your grandparents didn't have the opportunity to. after all says the lawyer, the government is racist. he says the usda. >> is stacked against minorities. stacked against blacks. stacked against women. native americans.
2:19 am
stacked against everybody but white men. >> is there any minority that wasn't discriminated against? >> not to my knowledge. >> so now he has filed lawsuits for all those groups. including the women. >> in 1978, women own just 5% of all farms. by 97 the number was up to 8%. maybe you should sue for men. >> for white men? >> yeah. >> white men don't need any help. >> how much money will you get? >> we were paid veried who modestly. >> $10 million. >> year around it was very -- it was very low. >> low? i don't think 10 million is low. and cross says the total lawyers' take was much more. >> somewhere between 40 and 50 million. >> i believe the lawyers made out real well. they was the winners in the whole lawsuit. they usually are they make more money helping other people free
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>> the last people we consider free loaders are homeowners. they are the salt of the earth. many go into debt to get their homes. >> [crying] >> john: then cruelly, some lose their homes. [crying] >> foreclosure judge gave the 82-year-old disaneld woman 24 hours to pack up and leave. >> i was trauma advertise advertised. >> but there is another side to this story. this florida woman hasn't made a mortgage payment since 1985. the bank says she owes hundreds of thousands of dollars but she just doesn't pay. she has delayed foreclosure by filing legal appeals. the 25 year foreclosure from hell is what the bank's lawyer
2:24 am
calls it. >> she has beaten you. >> she has got a good bit of knowledge about the law. >> she a paralegal who used bank paperwork errors to her advantage. this week, a court finally ordered her out. but she still got to live here rent-free for 25 years. she is winning. she has learned how to free load off the system. >> i give her a lot of kudos for that. >> why does he give her kudos. she is a free loader. win or lose he still collects a paycheck from the bank. the victim is you people who pay mortgage on time. evil banks take homes from people. >> it's a disaster for millions of americans. >> the problem isn't with the borrowers. it's with the lenders and servicers. >> it's not the borrowers? it's the bank? that attitude leads some people to trash their homes before the bank can take it back. this guy drove his truck through his home. >> i wasn't about to give them the house back to the bank so they could profit off of me.
2:25 am
>> don't take our homes. >> and jesse jackson's protesters are in the streets criticizing the banks. they claim predatory lenders tricked people into taking out unaffordable loans. but is that true? the federal reserve bank of atlanta found unaffordable loans are unlikely to be the main reason that borrowers decide to default. >> if predatory lending isn't the main driver of default then what might be? >> you walk >> companies that encourage people from walk away from commitments sure don't help. >> you walk sounds something dirty about that like walk away from responsibility. that's the myth, i think, in society that there is this moral obligation to continue paying a mortgage. >> john: there is. >> there is no think obligation. >> chad ruyle calls it a strategic default. if your house is worth less than
2:26 am
your mortgage, just stop paying. his web site asks if you would like to live payment-free for eight months or more and walk away without owing a penny. >> john: sounds like a scam but this is true. >> it's not a scam at all. it's completely legal. >> peter, one of their clients, stopped paying his mortgage recommendation you could have afforded to stay there and pay the mortgage. >> well, i. >> you had the money. >> he he bought this house in california for about $400,000. after the housing bubble burst, its value dropped to 300,000. when his bank wouldn't modify his mortgage, you walk advised him that he could default on purpose without paying another dime. >> more grim numbers on the home front. >> of course, when a person defaults, it's not just the bank who picks up the tab. >> you might pay your mortgage on time but if your neighbor forecloses it tends to reduce the value of your home, too. >> i lived up to my contract and left. >> your legal contract.
2:27 am
what about your moral contract? >> my moral contract i'm not sure what you mean by moral. >> you are hurting other people. you are hurting your neighbors. you are hurting everybody else to wants to get a mortgage. >> this is not a moral issue. >> you guys are disgusting. you are helping people free load. >> we are not helping people free load. people's decision to walk away is a personal one and financial one. >> john: isn't that immoral? >> no. >> john: next, the group that maybe the biggest free loaders of all. of all. corporations. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation.
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stossel and free loaders. >> that's what we usually picture when we think of free loading. but, in america today, the bigger recipient of handouts is not poor people, it's corporations. >> g.e., imagination at work. >> g.e. is the biggest industrial corporation in the world. here's their ceo with president
2:32 am
obama. [ applause ] >> jeff immelt is perhaps the ceo who is most cozy with president obama. jeff immelt was recently named the country's job caesar. >> i'm proud and breezed that he has agreed to chair this panel. >> general electric is structuring their business around where government is going. everything around high speed rail, solar, wind, general electric is winding up to get what government is handing out. >> the "new york times" so many tax breaks to g.e. thanks to their fierce lobbying that despite billions of dollars in profit, they will pay no taxes this year. once upon a time in america, companies got money from investors and created wealth by inventing things. >> 25 years ago my friends and i started with nothing but an idea. microsoft did that they started with nothing and created billions in shareholder wealth.
2:33 am
but then -- >> microsoft is free to compete and compete aggressively but not unlawfully. >> the government sued microsoft for offering people free software. at the time,. >> microsoft spent exactly zero dollars on lobbying. they were busy changing the world. they were busy creating computer revolution and helping the internet revolution. for that, they got drawn into court. they spent millions, hundreds of millions definiting themselves against the justice department. how much money they spend today on lobbyists, hundreds of millions of dollars a year. they earned their ugly lesson. we created a system in which if you don't do it, you are at a competitive disadvantage. >> a public-private partnership. >> a public-private partnership. >> businesses love to have partner in government. this little window maker must have loved the attention it got by having the vice president praise its product. >> you are not just churning out
2:34 am
windows, you are making some of the most energy efficient windows in the world. >> think getting the vice president was a big deal? heck, they got the president, too. >> these workers will now have a new mission. producing some of the most energy-efficient windows in the world. >> other companies don't get so much government help but this company gave money to the democrats. and one of their executives was married to an important energy department official. it sure is nice to get special government help. >> thank you, mr. vice president. for your unwavering support. >> left wing think tanks criticized corporate welfare but somehow green handouts, they are okay. >> everybody wants to find a better fuel-efficient way to go about their daily business. the government is going to invest pioneer new technologies. that of course i think is not corporate welfare. >> business is too dumb to invest in it without government say doing that. >> the public sector will only
2:35 am
invest if they know for sure there is a commercial marketplace is there. >> john: you say everybody's these things. isn't that enough incentive for private greedy businesses to make it? >> the private market does not know anything unless we collect our own interests and say this is national import to us. >> central planning does not work. it doesn't work in any industry. it doesn't work in any kind of economy. >> john: but since they are going to centrally planning, they will give out favors to savvy people who are best at lobbying for them. >> of at least $200 million is needed. >> so the government pours billions of your dollars into projects like the roscoe wind farm in texas. it's half owned by g.e. >> even if this wind farm produces nothing of value, they are getting money from the u.s. taxpayer. >> maybe we don't need wind turbine, maybe it's a waste of money. >> maybe it is. it should be one thing that we as a nation are investing in so that we aren't left behind. >> some of the cleanest renewable energy on earth.
2:36 am
>> g.e. would not agree to be interviewed. maybe that's a good thing if it means companies are now getting embarrassed about the handouts. 13 years ago when i wanted to confront a business about its free loading. the ceo was so brazen he flew me to his headquarters in one of his fancy jets. >> cold, isn't it? >> gold plated. >> can i get you anything else? >> at this time this man was the biggest resim yent of handout. >> you are a big feeding at the welfare trough. >> why should i care? it doesn't bother you? >> not a bit. >> many beneficiaries of corporate welfare really believe that they are being paid to help the country. what i'm providing is so good that it ought to be subsidized. >> fortunately a lot of american companies have become moochers off the government. they go to the government to manipulate the system in their favor. >> that's not what business is about.
2:37 am
that's not what capitalism is about. today, unfortunately, it is a way for capitalists to free load. businesses do it. and rich individuals do it. people like me. >> coming up. the group that politicians have helped the most. what has free loading done for them? nothing good. you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. ♪ geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. i have copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that fes like copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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but it doesn't stop there. metamucil is the only leading fiber supplement with psyllium, which gels to help remove waste and reduce cholesterol. it can multi-multitask. it's so 2012. look at it! it's doing over a million different things right now. metamucil. ask more of your fiber. >> no group in america has been helped more by government than
2:41 am
american indians. and, yet, some politicians still tell indians things like this. >> few have been ignored by washington. nor as long as native americans. >> ignored? are you telling me? look at the signs around the reservation. indian tribes wards of our state. government manages their land. provides their health care, their schools, give them food stamps. pays for housing, child care even burial assistance. the result? >> there is a stunning poverty here. only one in four has a job. there is scarce cities of banks. >> indians have the highest poverty rate and lowest life expectancy of any group in america. so the sux told us they need more handouts. >> the government should be given the indian people more appropriations so we could exist out here still. >> i feel obama's administration
2:42 am
get up to the plate and deal with this. >> because white people stole the indian's land hundreds of years ago, the government signed a treaty, that's why washington sends billions of dollars to indian tribes every year. >> everybody thinks the government owes them something. it's odd in that no group has been more helped by government than the american indians and no group does worse maybe it's the government. a member of the tribe that doesn't get special government help. >> the area where you live looks different from indian reservations. there is mansions. they look like english manors. i can take you to one neighborhood where my people are from and show you nicer home than the whole sioux reservation. >> this is not casino money? no special deal for your tribe. >> oh. no in my tribe, we don't have any casinos. we have 12 banks. he says his tribe does well
2:43 am
because the federal government does not recognize them as a sovereign tribe. though their congressman wants to change that. >> it's time for discrimination to end and recognition to begin. >> old mike knows if he wants to stay in washington, d.c. he has to support the lump lumbes or he won't be there. >> if the congressman gets getsd his way your tribe will get 80 million bucks. it's tough to say no to that. >> if you want to become dependent on the government, sell your soul for 80 million, i understand that. some people are willing to do that. >> activists say the lu mbees ought to get recognition. >> the director of american indian trusts. >> they have been negated and left out of the petition and left out for which they are entitled by the way. >> john: they're petitioning because socialists like you have convinced them to do that. >> i'm a socialist now?
2:44 am
>> they would do better without the government. >> if i'm a socialist, what does that make you? >> john: it makes me and ben chavis capitalists. and capitalists indians achieve. >> your indians are thriving. our indians are working. >> the scott brothers build a company that now employs 16 people putting up power lines. they didn't get any government help. >> it made me drive twice as hard knowing that they wouldn't help us and all. it panned out pretty good for us. >> we just have always been hard workers. >> that's what that is? >> this lumbee tribe maker runs one of the biggest true val hardware companies in the nation. the lumbees are doing well. >> great survivors. great example of how you can continue to persist even under the absolutely the worst, the worst treatment that you could help. >> john: they divorced themselves from these government
2:45 am
handouts. they have done well without. >> individuals have done well. >> john: exactly. individuals free of special government. a rae developer who you saw in the sacramento king. jack lowery an original owner of the cracker barrel restaurant or civil bullard who owns granel. >> we had to fend for ourselves and do what we had to do to survive. >> we don't mind getting our hands dirty and getting the job done. we know we will be rewarded for that. >> what helped the lumbees is know they had to become entrepreneurs and support them sfrls. >> they haven't trained to be capitalists trained to be communist. everything needs somebody's approval. >> manage most indian land. indians compete to serve on tribal councils because then they can give out the government's money. >> you can help your relatives and help your girlfriend.
2:46 am
can you help your girlfriend's momma. it's a great program. >> not so great for the majority of indians. because the government owns most indian property, individuals rarely build nice homes or businesses. >> no individual on the reservation owns the land so they can't do anything with it they can't develop it. let's look at my tribe. we have title and deeds to our land. that's the secret. i raise cattle. red angus cattle. i can do what i want to because it's my private property. my brother has a farm but he can't do the same things can i do. if the tribe decided one day we want to take your land under reservation and give it to one of my relatives they could do that. >> government handouts don't work well even for the free loaders but there are always nationallers who say enablers yes they. >> american indians own more land than any group in america and you are still the poorest group. how can that be? >> i understand i can't believe
2:47 am
reservations are basically in areas that have been neglected by the united states. the tribes have been located in some of the most isolated areas geographically. >> so what? other isolated groups have done well. how come the mormons got -- where they live -- how come the amish got wealthy, even rejecting modern tools? >> i don't know how wealthy the amish are and i don't know how the mormons got rich. >> maybe because they weren't relying on government rules and indian trusts and all your lawyering that teaches indians to be helpless? >> oh my goodness. i don't think that that's true at all. i take umbrage at that, sir. >> what you are really saying is that indians are too dumb to manage their own land so the government has to be, you know, pappa and take care of us. we don't need the government giving us handouts. >> there is no bureau of irish
2:48 am
affairs or latino affairs. why is there a bureau of indian affairs? >> we are a starved people in a rich nation. >> john: already we have the empowering tribal nations initiative. the aadvancing relation-to-relation relationship. protecting indian country. priority. indian land consolidation program. all these government programs. indians are poor. >> indians are poor. >> they die young. >> that's why these proms are so important. >> john: but maybe these programs are why indians are poor. >> well, i don't think that's a fair thing to say. in fact, i think they're the most neglected. the most neglected of any population in the united states. >> john: government needs to do more? >> yeah. >> john: every free loader wants more. >> welfare, food stamps but if you look at these farmers and ranchers they get the same thing. that's what these subsidy payments are for.
2:49 am
>> john: it is true that subsidies also go to farmers and ranchers and big companies, but just like the gifts given these people, subsidies keep you dependent. the handouts certainly haven't helped american indians. >> we got all kind of indian programs in america. the homeless program. the stimulus package. it's all welfare. it's all a con. >> john: speaking of cons -- this isn't the only time i have free loaded. how the biggest free loaders are rich people like me. [ male announcer ] imagine all of your missed opportunities in one place. ♪ the race of your life you never ran. the trip around the world you never took. the best-selling novel you never wrote. but there's one opportunity that's too good to miss. the lexus golden opportunity sales event, with exceptional values on the lexus es. but only until september 6th. see your lexus dealer.
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a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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>> john: i'm ashamed to admit it but i'm a free loader. and in big government america it's we rich people who free load the most. >> years ago, i built this beach house. that's younger me there.
2:53 am
the house was on the edge of the atlantic ocean, a risky place to build but i built anyway. because a federal program guaranteed my investment. >> it can happen to you. protect your home with flood insurance. >> congress created government flood insurance to help foolish people who don't buy private flood insurance and lose their homes when the water rises. >> the flood insurance program provides valuable protection for approximately 5.5 million homeowners. >> so taxpayers may help foot the bill if a flood hits movie stars homes on malibu beach or derek jeter's mansion in florida or kennedy compound. why? we rich people should ensure our own home. eventually a storm swept away my first floor. i didn't lose a penny. i never invited you there but you paid for my new first floor. then the whole house went. government flood insurance
2:54 am
covered my loss and many others. >> we rich people free load off you taxpayers all the time because the overpromisers in there keep churning out special deals for politically favored groups. and they tend to be rich people because the rich can afford lobbyists. >> there are thousands of lobbyists within a few blocks of where i was standing. if you want some advantage, you pay them to persuade congress to give you a special tax break like the one for electric cars. >> it is endless the possibilities that this bill will pursue, encouraging energy efficient products such as plug in hybrid cars. >> his tax credit led dealers like this one to advertise free cars. buy one for $6,000, get a $6,000 tax credit. governor mike huckabee got one. his friend got seven. i got this one. totally free. >> free for me anyway. you taxpayers paid for it. >> then, i put solar panels on the roof of my new home.
2:55 am
why? because congress gave me a big tax break. >> if you want to, for instance, invest in solar energy in your home, we have tax credits in there. >> so many of these programs that are supposed to be -- have a broad benefit end up having a narrow benefit. >> up to us who are rich enough to put solar panels on the house or buy an electric car or have a beach house on the edge of the ocean. >> another situation where the government creates a benefit and the people with more money with better tax accountants are better able to take advantage of it? >> we cannot turn back, not with an economy to fix and farms to save. >> farmers get lots of well-intended handouts from government. but who benefits? mostly rich farmers. and people like bon jovi, who owns acres of land in new jersey but pays only $100 in state property tax. because he raises hone --
2:56 am
honeybees he qualifies for a honeybee subsidy. bruce springsteen owns hundreds of acres of land but pays little tax on it because an organic farmer works his land. his poorer neighbors pay more. >> it's unfair that i have to pay for an acre and a half $6,000 and they are paying for hundreds of acres for $200. >> america's single recipient of farm subsidies has been the multimillionaire. he mostly builds homes and offices. here is one of his many homes. gorgeous view, but no crops around here. others who have collected farm subsidies are basketball stars scotty pippin. billionaire ted turner. even the family of antisubsidy congresswoman michele bachmann. none of these people broke any laws. they or their families just own land that qualifies for handouts. >> but think about how much money we could save if these guys just didn't pass so many laws that encourage free
2:57 am
loading. [ applause ] >> john: but they do. year after year. they micromanage life with subsidies. and the winners are not so much the needy but people like bon jovi, ted turner, maurice wilder and me. so, let's hope for an end to all this free loading. that's our show for tonight. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is our beach. ♪ this is our pool. ♪ our fireworks. ♪ and our slip and slide. you have your idea of summer fun, and we have ours. now during the summer event get an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz for an exceptional price. but hurry, this offer ends august 31st.
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